Virginia Creeper, Damascus VA

In November we had the opportunity to knock out a few miles on the incredible Virginia Creeper trail in the western part of Virginia.  The Creeper trail is a two-track gravel path built on an old railway (rail to trail) and is fast becoming one of the more popular trails in the United States.  Our short trip on the trail helped us quickly realize why.

We chose to bike the trail in the autumn timeframe in order to take advantage of the falling leaves and changing colors of the surrounding forest.  I don’t mind biking up hill, however when I’m offered the opportunity I would prefer to bike down hill (who doesn’t).

With the Creeper trail, this is not only an option, but is the  “normal” method.  So on our first night in the town of Damascus VA, we stopped in at The Bike Station to secure our ticket up the hill the next morning.  The great people at The Bike Station locked us in a spot on the morning shuttle and also allowed us to park the Urban Adventure Van (UAV) in their parking lot for an overnight stay.

With both a shuttle for the morning trip secured and a place to park our home on wheels, we started searching for other intriguing places to check out.  It did not take us long to stumble into (and out of) the Damascus Brewery.  We ran through a full tasting of the beers they had on tap and additionally sampled the cider they had recently whipped up.  All incredible beers, making it difficult to choose just one, so I chose multiple.  The Damascus Brewery is yet another cool story of someone putting their mind to coming up with a dream and going for it!  We will be going back for future samplings.



In the morning we loaded the wife’s Salsa Vaya, my Surly Crosscheck and our daughter’s Thule Chariot stroller on a trailer pulled behind a van by The Bike Station team for a 30-minute drive up the hill to the White Top Station drop point.  The weather was great and the trip up the mountain was beautiful.  When we arrived, it took about 5 minutes to unload the bikes and we were off!  We bombed down the trail with our daughter behind in her Chariot stroller singing and laughing all the way.  Our bikes performed incredibly and the miles zipped by.  We stopped multiple times for pictures and to take in the scenery, however the 17 mile downhill trip back to Damascus only took about an hour an a half total.

The Creeper trail continues on past Damascus for another 17 or so miles, however during this trip we just didn’t have the time to bike the remaining miles, not to mention it was a little cold during this time of year.  The fall trip was nice to see the changing colors, but the trip could also be done during the spring or summer months providing a little warmth and less chance of rain and snow.  The Bike Station can rent you all the equipment you need for this family friendly bike adventure and Damascus Brewery can help assure you have a solid frosty adult beverage to enjoy after your ride.


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