My Ultimate Gear Wish List

Ultimate Gear Wish List

With the holiday season upon us, lets take a moment to day dream. If I were to (HYPOTHETICALLY) give you $1,000 to spend on gear for ONLY YOU what would you spend it on? Here is my ultimate gear wish list!


So….. my list went a little LOT over my $1,000 hypothetical budget, but oh well. One can dream right!!

What would YOU get for $1,000? Peruse Amazon and let us know what you would put on YOUR wish list!


NOTE: I am NOT giving you $1,000 to spend on gear! This is just a nice way to day dream about what you would LOVE to have in your gear arsenal. Enjoy! Spend some time on you today, dreaming of YOUR ultimate gear wish list!

(I have not used all these specific items. I am NOT endorsing them. I have NO OPINION on how they work, how they fit or how they perform. I am merely DREAMING!)


Must have gear
Must have gear

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