The gift of Adventure

Now that the craziness has pasted from the holidays, we have been discussing how blessed we are and how loved our child is by the outpouring of amazing gifts from family and friends. Now that she is getting a little older and enjoying the process of unwrapping gifts it makes Christmas so exciting just to watch her!

We have been discussing our traditions as a family. With the baby only 21 months old, we can start establishing our own family traditions. One of those traditions we would like to implement is a holiday experience.

We have talked for years about going on a volunteer vacation. Giving back with a to service to others. We are very excited to make this a priority in our little family.

“Materialism is taking a backseat to experiences, ” says Darren Humphreys, owner¬†Travel Sommelier, a safari¬†and gastronomic travel company.

We have one year to start making a change in how we celebrate the holidays. We have 365 days to ingest this idea into our immediate families. How do we tell them to only send minimal gifts and if they would like they can help contribute to our holiday experience instead? It sounds greedy. It sounds ungrateful. But we would rather show our little girl that its not about opening 15 million presents at 5:00am on Christmas morning.

Its our job as parents to show her empathy, raise her to be respectful and show her how to be humble. In 2014 we would like to enjoy a new tradition, a Holiday Experience.

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