Island Treasures on Jekyll Island, GA

During the months of January and February Jekyll Island, GA hosts “Island Treasures on Jekyll Island” the ultimate hide-and-seek.  Volunteers hide one of a kind, handcrafted, glass floats called Island Treasures. Each float is hand stamped with the year of the treasure hunt and has a one of a kind unique design.


In the 1900s, fishermen used floats to secure to their fishing nets. Sometimes the floats would break loose and end up on shore for a lucky beachgoer to discover. Collecting floats became a hobby of beachcombers in the 1950s when floats were commercialized by Styrofoam and plastic.


Jekyll Island has been recreating this hobby since 2002. Volunteers hide the floats on the island for guest to discover. The floats are hidden all over the island, not just the beach, to make it more interesting.


Jekyll Island Treasure
Jekyll Island Treasure

Floats are handcrafted works of art by artists all over the country. The glassblowing technique has been used to make these floats for around 2000 years.


When a lucky treasure hunter finds a float, they can register it at the visitor center where they will receive certificate of authenticity and a bio of the artist.


If a treasure hunter can’t make it out to Jekyll Island, they can join in on the fun at There is a float placed on the website in thumbnail picture. Find it, click on the thumbnail and enter your contact information to win! A winner is randomly selected each week. The winner will get their float sent to their doorstep!

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