Why You Should Buy a Mini Fridge for Your Van: The Essentials Guide

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Are you ready to hit the road and live in your van full time? If so, you have to make some adjustments to your lifestyle. You won?t have an endless supply of clean clothes or a refrigerator. You can?t just walk down the hall for a midnight snack or keep a stock of snacks in your desk drawer. Vandwellers (people who live in their vans) often face challenges when it comes to living comfortably with limited space and resources. That is why we put together this guide on why you should buy a mini fridge for your van, as well as tips on how you can incorporate one into your mobile home.

What is a mini fridge?

A mini fridge is a small cooling appliance that typically plugs into your car’s 12V power outlet, or runs off of battery power. They are commonly used in cars, boats, campers, and RVs.There are a few different types of mini fridges:· Built-in – this type of fridge is installed into the van and it can come in any size. This is the most permanent option for a small fridge as it will take up space and cannot be removed if you decide to sell your van.· Drawer – there are many different drawer models available, but they all have the same concept. The fridge sits on top of a cabinet or dresser that you already own in your van, so you don’t need to worry about adding more furniture to your vehicle. · Portable – these are designed to be easily carried around with you wherever you go and detached from your vehicle when not in use. A portable fridge can plug into an outlet or run on battery power and even comes with its own carrying handle for easy transport.The best choice for most vandwellers is a portable model as it takes up less space than a built-in model and can be detached from the vehicle when not being used (so it won’t be stolen).

Why is a mini fridge so important for vandwellers?

Living in your van full time means you need to embrace minimalism. Part of embracing this lifestyle is understanding what you can live without and what you need to have. One thing that vandwellers often struggle with is storing food. A mini fridge provides a place to store perishable items like meat and dairy while also being able to store other food items like bread and cereal. A mini fridge can also help reduce waste by keeping uneaten food fresh and then using it as cooking ingredients later on. If you want to be able to enjoy all of the benefits of living in your van, make sure you invest in a mini fridge!

How to choose the best mini fridge for your van?

There are many different types of mini fridges available on the market today, and it can be difficult to find the best one for your van. Here are some things you should consider when deciding which fridge is right for you:-Size:You want a fridge that will fit in your van but not take up all of the space. You?ll want to check the dimensions of your van to see how much space you have left, and then compare those dimensions against the size of each fridge. Smaller fridges, like under-counter fridges, might be better if you don?t have a lot of space.-Shape:The shape of your fridge determines where it can go inside your van. There are two main shapes: rectangular and circular. Rectangular fridges are better if you have more floor space while circular ones work better if you have less floor space or want to store them in tight corners.-Features:Do you need a freezer? Is there room for an icemaker? What about a water dispenser? Some features may be more important than others depending on what type of lifestyle you lead in your car. It?s important to know what type of features you need before buying a fridge so that way nothing gets wasted!

Mini Fridge Brands Worth Considering

If you want a mini fridge for your van, there are a few brands that you should consider. SunDanzer: SunDanzer makes mini fridges that can be mounted to the wall or ceiling of your van. They are easy to install and perfect for those who plan on going off the grid and living in their van full time. Their products offer both cooling and heating abilities, which sets them apart from many other competitors.Magic Chef: These fridges come in different sizes: under 2 cubic feet, 2 cubic feet, 3 cubic feet, and 4 cubic feet. These refrigerators also include an ice bin and a door alarm that alerts you when the door is left open too long.

Mini Fridge Pros and Cons

Mini Fridge Pros and Cons

Pros-It will make your van feel more like a home and less like a vehicle-You?ll be able to store perishable food easily and keep it from spoiling-Mini fridges are mobile, so you can take them with you when you moveCons-Mini fridges are expensive for their size -They?re not that good for keeping things cold, so you may need to buy a freezer to go with it-The space requirements for the fridge can be challenging. You have to have all of the free space in your van dedicated to the fridge and nothing else. If you don?t have enough, you may want to consider buying a smaller fridge.

Final Words

We hope this guide has helped you make a decision on whether or not you should invest in a mini fridge for your van. For any other questions, feel free to reach out to us at

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