The Best Mini Fridge for Van Conversion: How To Choose The Perfect One

The Best Mini Fridge for Van Conversion: How To Choose The Perfect One

When you?re living in a van, space is limited. You probably won?t have room for your old refrigerator, and buying an entirely new unit isn?t exactly affordable. A mini fridge for van conversion is a great option to save space and keep food at a cool temperature. Check out some of the options available on the market today and learn about which features are important when choosing the perfect mini fridge for your van.

What to Look for When Choosing a Mini Fridge

Size: The first thing to think about when choosing a mini fridge for van conversion is size. You need to make sure that the fridge you choose fits in your van. If it doesn?t, you can always remove shelves or adjust the door height for your specific needs.

Energy Efficiency: You want to make sure that your refrigerator saves as much energy as possible. There are many different energy saving features available on different models, and you want to look for a fridge with these features so that you can save money on utility bills.

Ease of Use: When living in a van, there?s no room for complicated appliances. Your mini fridge should be easy to use and operate – no assembly required!

Noise Level: Living in a van means living with lots of noise. Since loud noises travel even better in tight spaces, it?s important to find a quiet fridge option when picking out your new mini fridge.

Durability: When living in a tank camping or any other type of mobile lifestyle, durability is key. Your mini fridge should be able to withstand being transported from place to place without breaking down too easily.

The Best Mini Fridges for Van Conversion

If you live in a van, space is limited. You?re going to need a mini fridge for van conversion. But what should you look for when choosing the perfect mini fridge? First and foremost, think about how much space you have in your van. There are many different sizes of mini fridges on the market today, so it?s important to choose one that will fit your specific needs. For example, a popular size for vans is 11 inches tall by 14 inches wide. If you have room for something larger, consider a 12-inch tall model that is 19 inches wide. Next, consider how much power your refrigerator needs. A standard 120-volt household outlet can power most models of 10 cubic feet or less. However, if you have a 220 volt outlet available and want to get the most bang for your buck with an energy efficient unit, then this is the option for you. Thirdly, consider how often you travel with your van and where you are storing it while not in use. If you travel often or store it outside in cold weather conditions, then choose an insulated model with no heater to avoid wasting electricity when not in use and to prevent mold growth inside the fridge which can lead to health risks like food poisoning or respiratory illness if ingested.


Tips for Finding the Right Fit

Finding the right mini fridge for your conversion can be difficult, as not all of them will be a perfect fit. You need to find one that is small enough to keep in your van, but also provides enough space to store food and beverages. Before you buy any mini fridge, measure out the space you have available. Make sure there?s enough room for the fridge and that it won?t take up too much room. Mini fridges come in all sizes from 1 cubic feet to 10 cubic feet so get a sense of how much space you really need before making a purchase. The next important thing about mini fridges is whether or not it has a freezer compartment. If you want cold drinks and ice, this would be an important feature for you to look for when shopping around. Finally, look at how many watts the unit uses when running on its highest setting. This will make sure that you don’t exceed the power limit for your vehicle which could lead to overheating and other issues.

The Best Mini Fridge for Van Conversion: How To Choose The Perfect One

Dorm Room Fridge

Many people are used to the mini-fridge in their dorm room. But, if you’re living in a van, you’ll need something a little more efficient and powerful. You may have to sacrifice some space for power.

Upright refrigerator

The first option for a mini fridge for van conversion is an upright refrigerator. The upside to this type is that it won?t take up any extra space in your car and only needs a small area of floor space. The downside is that they usually don?t hold much more than six cubic feet, which isn?t enough if you want to store food for more than two people. They also tend to be the most expensive option on the market.

Drawer refrigerator

The drawer refrigerator is perfect for a van conversion as it won?t take up any valuable floor space. This type of refrigerator typically has two drawers, with the bottom one commonly used for food and the top one used for drinks. The advantage to this fridge is that you can store taller items like gallon jugs on the top while still being able to put food in the bottom drawer.

Chest style refrigerator

Chest fridge

A chest style refrigerator is a good option if you want to save room in your van. This type of fridge opens at the top and has two doors on the front for easy access to contents. They?re often large enough to hold two or three rows of food items and are made with durable materials, like stainless steel or aluminum.


Hope this article helped you for the choice of your mini fridge. You’ll maybe think about it when you’ll be on a beach drinking a cold drink coming from your fridge. Enjoy your travel.

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