What kind of PARENTS take a Toddler to Nicaragua

Adventure Family in Motion

Who Brings a Toddler to a FOREIGN COUNTRY!?

What kind of parents voluntarily sign up for an overseas trip to a foreign country with a toddler…especially a country where hardly anyone can speak english?

Adventure Family in Motion


And to top it off we are contemplating a SECOND trip! Yes, you read that correctly! Nicaragua had such an amazing impact on us, that we want to go back!

Adventure Family in Motion

Over the years we have visited many places, large towns, small towns and met eclectic people, foreign people and fun people but have never been so moved by a place that we HAD to go back…until now!


If you tell our daughter she has a cute chin and ask her where she got it, she will tell you “NICARAGUA!”

Some mornings when I ask her what she wants to do for the day her responses will be, “Go to Nicaragua!”

The country had that great of an impact on her as well!


We have a rare opportunity to spend 3 weeks this summer doing whatever we want. No work, no school, just us! So we are considering splitting the time between a fun weekend with family and another Nicaragua trip! The stars have aligned for us over the past few months and this seems like a very viable option for us!www.AdventureFamilyInMotion.com



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