Top Travel Blogs

According to the Overland World Traveler and Writer Michael Hodson, these are the Top Travel Blogs to Discover!

1. Fox Nomad by Anil Polat. Anil is a very well traveled, technology savvy adventurer.

2. Fevered Mutterings by Mike Sowden. Being from the UK, Mike has a great “Brit” sense of humor in his writing.

3. Johnny Vagabond by Wes Nations. Wes offers beautiful photography and great adventure stories of his travels.

4. Canvas of Light by Daniel Nahabedian. According to Hodson, Daniel is the “Best travel photographer on the internet”.

5. The Aussie Nomad by Chris Richardon. Chris offers candid backpacking advice.

Enjoy this great list of travel blogs! Thanks Michael Hodson!


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