Donate Clean Drinking Water for Nicaraguan Families

Clean Water Filter System

Clean water filtration system Filtron Nicaragua

This September we are making another trip to the beautiful country of Nicaragua for some well-deserved relaxation and rejuvenation on the beach. While we are visiting the country, Nica Vida Surf Lodge has graciously put together a volunteer opportunity for us to help supply some local villages with water filters, improving the health and quality of living for the local population. Clean water filtration system Filtration Nicaragua

We look forward to showing our toddler the importance of helping others that are not as fortunate as we are here in the United States. Please consider donating to the cause and we’ll be sure to capture the moment and provide pictures of your charity in action.

Skip Starbucks and DONATE

Skip one day at Starbucks and donate $5 towards part of a water filter providing clean drinking water to Nicaraguan children.

Skip the week of Starbucks and purchase the entire filter for a mere $30! If nothing more, take a moment to realize how blessed we are in the United States to live the way we do.



Donald, Sarah and Abigail