Point Lookout, Maryland

A few months back we spent some time at Point Lookout, Maryland. Its approximately 2 hours from our house. A nice afternoon drive. We pulled the UAV into the campground and were able to get a nice spot in the RV section.
We biked the island (approximately 5 miles total). It was a nice relaxing ride.
We stopped at the beach and played in the sand! We were surprised at ALL the people at the beach!
After the beach stop, we rode our bikes off the island and around town a little only to get caught in the rain.
We pulled the baby in the Chariot. She LOVES the chariot! She sleeps on EVERY trip! She sings. She waves and talks to people!
The weather was great (MINUS the mosquitos!)
This was one of the last ride with the Trek XO1 before purchasing the Salsa Vaya! This new bike is the HEAT!!!! I love it! Best bike purchase yet!
It was one of the FIRST outings with the Sprinter UAV … Urban Adventure Van
On day two we went for a 25 mile ride. It was a nice loop. Beautiful weather. We stopped and chatted with a runner who gave us some easy directions.
Great location for a quick weekend get away!

What kids needs from their Mom – Talking

I am reading a book I was given for Christmas last year called “What Mothers Can Do to Make a Lifelong Difference; 52 Things Kids Needs from a Mom”  I want to share one thing weekly on how to make a difference in your kids.

Week 1: Talk to your kids like they are fascinating! 

Our little one is only 20 months old but we have a strong connection to each other with talking. She mostly mumbles and I respond like I know what she is saying. But it gives her the confidence in talking back to me like we are in a conversation. I will need a LOT of help when she can use real words!

18 month photos
18 months old