Our Sprinter Conversion Van


The sprinter conversion van (Urban Adventure Van as we like to call it!) is our ticket to traveling anywhere we can imagine and knocking down some serious endeavors with our little girl. It has a TON of room for camera equipment, bikes, baby stuff, climbing gear and any other gear we can possibly imagine taking along for a trip. Not the mention, its a cool place to hang out or change in between excursions.


The 2007  Mercedes-built Dodge Sprinter Van is a 140 wheelbase and has a 7′ high top, allowing enough room to stand up inside. It has been decked out by Morehead Design Labs out of North Carolina.  Exceptional craftsmanship and well thought out design layout.  The van has a Mercedes diesel engine getting over 20 MPG and has more than enough room to standup inside.  We have solar, an inverter, fridge, sink, diesel based heater and tons of cabinet space to store anything!


This van has really increased our ability to travel longer distances and sleep where we want with all our gear in relative comfort.  Checkout the short video below and hit us up if you would like more details.


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  1. not to mention the rear hose for the unexpected “blow out!” see more at http://www.moreheaddesignlab.com. and on facebook -robert morehead

  2. Thank you!! Cheers!!

  3. This is awesome! I love the Mercedes Sprinters. I don’t know if you saw it but they’re now available in 4WD, though not yet in the U.S. Want! My wife and I have been exploring the outdoors with our son since he was 6 years old. We love finding other adventurous parents who enjoy sharing all the great things about nature with their kids. Congrats to both of you for that!

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