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We are going to host a monthly Round Up. What is a Round Up you ask, they are are just what it sounds like…a round up of posts. Each month will focus on a Family Travel/Adventure topic. If you have a blog post you would like included in the round-up please send us the link HERE.

Blog Round up -
Round UP

Here are a few of the topics we will use for the round-ups:

  • Road Trip tips with Kids
  • Camping tips with kids
  • Outdoor Gear – MUST HAVES for Families
  • Biking with a Toddler/Preschooler
  • Air travel with a young kids
  • Places to travel outside the US with children
  • Kid Friendly Camping food

Send us an email with a link to the blog post you would like featured. Include the topic you would like to be featured in (see list above) and the direct link to the blog post, NOT your home page. You will not be selected if you send us a link to your home page.

Once we are ready to post the round up we will send you an email with the date it will be published. At that time you can SHARE, blog and notify your social media sites about your content being featured on the round-up!

EXAMPLE of a Round Up:

Top 25 Kid Friendly Campgrounds

#1 ( BLOG name

#2 ( BLOG name

#3 ( BLOG name

Round Ups are great exposure and a good way to generate new followers!



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  1. I pack the same things for our Caribbean vacations. I make a list each time but the items are the same things I pack each time.

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