1. derek

    Hey- Great site. My wife and I are expecting our first this fall. I was wondering where you put your child carrier or car seat? Do you have a second row of seating?



    1. Post
      Adventure Family In Motion

      HI Derek!

      Congrats on the first little one!

      In the White Sprinter Van we had an aftermarket second row seat that folded down when we traveled and would fold up when we put her pack-n-play up at night. We did not outfit the van, we purchased it built. If we had, we would have put in a single captains chair behind the drivers chair instead of the folding bench seat. It would have allowed more room on a daily basis. We also picked up a smaller pack-n-play for the van. The regular size fit but just barely. I found a smaller travel one on Amazon/craigslist.

      We now have a Fuso Camper ( we only have a bench seat up front for all 3 of us sit across the one row. In Australia the Fuso comes with 4 doors and can seat up to 6 people, we aren’t so lucky yet. 🙂

      Let us know if you have any other questions!


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