On the Road in an Hour!

The other weekend we had NO PLANS for the two precious days we get a week to spend as a family doing what WE want.

So over our first morning cup of coffee we started throwing out a few ideas. We settled on heading for the ocean. The critical piece to being able to pull off this trip on such short notice was our ability to quickly get on the road in an hour.

Adventure Family in Motion
On the road in 1 hour, Can you do it?


In an effort to see you get out more often on family adventures we’ve compiled a quick list of tips that have allowed us the luxury of just picking up and hitting the road at a moments notice!


1. You don’t need all of the things you think you do

If it’s a weekend trip, take it easy on the clothing, food, books, beer, computers, and games. Try to stick with just what you need, this will save time packing (and unpacking), not to mention space in your car.

                       a. Ladies: Think light… Do you really need your hair dryer, straightener, full-size shampoo and conditioner, nail polish, and cosmetic bag the size of a suitcase? Have a small (size of a “clutch”) travel toiletries bag always packed.

2. Have you gear organized.

We keep all our camera gear ready to go and have the van stocked with regularly needed items (baby wipes, trash bags, water bottles, phone chargers and camp chairs).

a. If camping, have your stuff all prepped in a large Tupperware, insuring you don’t forget things.

b. For cycling, keep all your helmets, shoes and bike accessories in the same place. Have your bikes already prepped with tire repair kits and water bottles.


3. Plan while on the road.

We rarely have the full trip planned before we depart. The majority of lodging, restaurant, or local attractions can all be researched WHILE you are driving (by the passenger of course) via a smart phone and adds an element of excitement to your voyage. Don’t be paralyzed at home planning the trip.

We hope these few simple tips lead to more adventures on the road for you and your family.

Please share with us your tips and recent adventures!




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  1. Planning the events being on the road is an interesting idea. It never occurred my mind, but I must give it a try.

    1. Thanks! We really enjoy it! Let us know how it turns out!

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