Nicaragua AGAIN

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If a place is amazing the first time why not visit it a second time? This is what our crazy thoughts were when we decided to venture into Nicaragua again only 8 months after our first trip.

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After our first trip into the country, we started following some expats from Florida who live abroad with their 5 children. They run an amazing surf lodge in Popoya just north of San Juan Del Sur called Nica Vida.

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After much contemplating we reached out to them for some information on their all inclusive package. We have never been on an all inclusive vacation before so we had NO IDEA what to expect. This is also a far cry from our usual vacations. Surfing and sun bathing are not exactly the norm with us.

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One of the main reasons we booked with Nica Vida is because we were able to participate in local outreach. We chose to collect money for water filters and supply a local school with much needed school supplies. We raised $570, resulting in 19 water filters!

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Nico Vida 238

We helped supply 2 small villages with the ability to drink clean water. The day was absolutely overwhelming. It was a completely humbling experience to hand over a water filter that cost $30 … (a week worth of Starbucks) to a family so desperately in need of clean drinking water.

Nico Vida 302
Nico Vida 300

We also brought down a suitcase packed to the gills with school supplies! From glue sticks, to paper and pencils, to toy cars and jumpropes. We were able to leave the suitcase at the school to hold the supplies.

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Nico Vida 330

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A huge thank you to everyone who donated funds for water filters and those who donated school supplies. We are so grateful for your help, but the families and children who will be using these items are the ones who are eternally grateful…

Nico Vida 306

Nico Vida 305

If you would still like to donate to the water filter outreach program, please go to this link:

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustave Flaubert


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  1. Ruby and I are very pleased to see these photos and notes about your trip. It looks amazing, and the good things you did are also important. We try to do things in God’s name and strength and don’t always have the outcome the way we expect, which is a very good thing. You are on a continuing great adventure!

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