Fort Frederica, St Simons Island, GA

Recently we took a short trip to St Simons Island, GA explored Fort Frederica. According to the historical marker, Fort Frederica was founded in 1736 under the General James Edwards Oglethorpe. It was the strongest fortification built by Great Britain on American soil.

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The little lady and I explored the Fort for about 2 hours. When we got there we were already teetering on a late nap so we spent the $3 admission (16 and under are free and your ticket is good for 7 days).

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I had packed my big camera but completely forgot to bring it inside until we were a good ways in. I also brought the umbrella stroller. This was one of those weird decisions…do you let her run and leave the stroller, do you push her in the stroller part of the way or do you bring the Kelty Kid Carrier and let her just hang out. It’s always a coin toss for me. The umbrella stroller won and I pushed her for a little while then unleashed her to burn off some energy.

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The Fort is laid out like the town used to be with road markers and streets but the only reminiscence of buildings were a few foundations willed with seashells.

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We walked the outskirts of the town and took a right on Street St., which was a wide patch of grass cut shorter then the rest.

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We walked to the end and sat for a brief picnic near the waters edge.  Then took a trail that lead into the woods away from the water. We took our time looking at leafs, picking up pine needles, and gazing at rocks. At one point a still-attached tree root was the most interesting thing we had seen all day!

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By the time we had spent a little over an hour and a half at the fort our little girl was pooped. I loaded her into the umbrella stroller and handed her a sippy cup. It was all she could do to keep her eyes open until we got to the van.

 Fort Frederica

Fort Frederica was a great outing for an active toddler. We could have spent the better portion of the day there just running and exploring. If we had been in town longer we would have gone back many time on our 7-day ticket.

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For a toddler this was a great place to run. For a grade school child it was have been a good learning experience. The visitor centers offers a movie, a kids corner with period clothing to try on, and many historical markers.  The Fort itself had a lot more to offer then the area that we explored.



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  1. I love all the pictures of your sweet little girl! Looks like a fun trip! Thanks for linking up with me today!


    1. Thanks Jennie! We had so much fun! She is at such a fun age right now! Thanks for the comment!

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