The Perfect Family Vacation … Belize!

If you know us, you know that we thrive on adventure and showing our little girl the world. So recently spent a week in Caye Caulker, Belize! It was the PERFECT family vacation destination! The motto of the island is “Go Slow” and that we did!

Snorkeling belize

How to Get There

The flights were great! We chose a 2 hour flight from Houston Airport. Most people get there from Miami, Atlanta or Houston. We flew into Belize City and took a water taxi to the island. We recommend the Ocean Ferry Belize ($22 USD/Person ROUND TRIP) kids at least 5 and under are free. There are other companies but we found Ocean Ferry Belize to be ON TIME and VERY reasonably priced.

United Airlines, Belize  

Where to Stay

We rented a VRBO cottage called Low Caye Cottages. This 850SqFt cottage came with a private shared pool. There are 4 cottages that share the pool but it was all ours all week. We had a 1 bed 1 bath PLUS a huge loft! The kitchen was stocked with all the items you would need!  It is located a 5 minute bike ride or a 10 minute walk from the hustle and bustle of the main street.

Belize, Low Caye Cottages

Getting Around

Because there are NO cars on Caye Caulker you have the options of foot, bike or golf cart taxi to get around. This made for a very calm experience. We definitely recommend finding the taxi driver Nick Jr on the beach at the Ferry! He will take care of you and tell you about some amazing place to eat at! Make sure you get a taxi from the ferry to the place you are staying. Its $5-$10 USD … and WORTH IT. Other wise you are dragging your suitcase down the streets.

On that note…use backpacks! Don’t bring roller bags!

Golf cart taxi, Belize
Nike Jr our Taxi Driver!


Make sure to rent bikes while you are there! The Low Caye Cottages had bikes to rent for the week, including a 16″ for our little one.  They are beach cruisers and rusty from the salt water but its the best way to get around!

isla bikes

There are NO bike rules in Belize! Bring DUC TAPE if this makes you nervous!

Snorkeling with Hicaco Tours!

We went on 2 Snorkeling trips with Carlos at Hicaco TOURS ! Absolutely a 5 star business! Hicaco Tours offers Full Day tours, Half Day tours, Night Tours and anything in between! They are a wealth of knowledge and not just about the reefs and fish, but anything you want to know about the island. We loved our tours with Carlos and his crew! We will definitely be back to see them!

Hicaco Tours, Belize


Kissing a String Ray


Good-Byes are always hard!


Hicaco Tours!! Look for this place! its AMAZING!


Hicaco Tours!


Island Life

We fell into the island life pretty quickly. There is a nice rhythm of the island:

  • Wake up and get breakfast from the local bakery off Middle Street.


  • Enjoy some Snorkeling mid morning


  • Around lunch, grab a nice Rum Drink with your street tacos


  • SIESTA … its HOT in the mid afternoon and its time to a dip in the pool and a nap!


  • 3-7ish is Happy Hour…(who doesnt love a good drink special!?)
    • We found that many places offer 2 for 1 or 1/2 off… (same same I know, but depends of where you wander into).
    • Our favorite was the Sports Bar right off the water and Front Street.  We had a boat (literally a wooden boat) of nachos and 3 or 4 drinks each for $16 USD!! We spent 4 of our 6 nights there and met some AMAZING locals! 


  • After happy hour its dinner time… wander into Rosies for Fresh Grilled fish. We walked up and Isaac had metal trays on a table out front of the restaurant. That was the menu… you walked up and picked out your fish. He took it out and seasoned it and the “grill master” grilled it up for you! We had a whole lobster and a Lion Fish!


  • Filled to the brim with Rum and Lobster you head back to your cottage for a evening swim (watch out for the mosquitoes)!

Should You Vacation in Belize?

YES! We can’t say enough wonderful things about this place!

What kind of PARENTS take a Toddler to Nicaragua

Adventure Family in Motion

Who Brings a Toddler to a FOREIGN COUNTRY!?

What kind of parents voluntarily sign up for an overseas trip to a foreign country with a toddler…especially a country where hardly anyone can speak english?

Adventure Family in Motion


And to top it off we are contemplating a SECOND trip! Yes, you read that correctly! Nicaragua had such an amazing impact on us, that we want to go back!

Adventure Family in Motion

Over the years we have visited many places, large towns, small towns and met eclectic people, foreign people and fun people but have never been so moved by a place that we HAD to go back…until now!

If you tell our daughter she has a cute chin and ask her where she got it, she will tell you “NICARAGUA!”

Some mornings when I ask her what she wants to do for the day her responses will be, “Go to Nicaragua!”

The country had that great of an impact on her as well!

We have a rare opportunity to spend 3 weeks this summer doing whatever we want. No work, no school, just us! So we are considering splitting the time between a fun weekend with family and another Nicaragua trip! The stars have aligned for us over the past few months and this seems like a very viable option for us!



Nicaragua AGAIN

Nico Vida 165

If a place is amazing the first time why not visit it a second time? This is what our crazy thoughts were when we decided to venture into Nicaragua again only 8 months after our first trip.

Nico Vida 175

After our first trip into the country, we started following some expats from Florida who live abroad with their 5 children. They run an amazing surf lodge in Popoya just north of San Juan Del Sur called Nica Vida.

Nico Vida 208

Nico Vida 183

After much contemplating we reached out to them for some information on their all inclusive package. We have never been on an all inclusive vacation before so we had NO IDEA what to expect. This is also a far cry from our usual vacations. Surfing and sun bathing are not exactly the norm with us.

Nico Vida 356

Nico Vida 345

Nico Vida 317

One of the main reasons we booked with Nica Vida is because we were able to participate in local outreach. We chose to collect money for water filters and supply a local school with much needed school supplies. We raised $570, resulting in 19 water filters!

Nico Vida 227

Nico Vida 238

We helped supply 2 small villages with the ability to drink clean water. The day was absolutely overwhelming. It was a completely humbling experience to hand over a water filter that cost $30 … (a week worth of Starbucks) to a family so desperately in need of clean drinking water.

Nico Vida 302
Nico Vida 300

We also brought down a suitcase packed to the gills with school supplies! From glue sticks, to paper and pencils, to toy cars and jumpropes. We were able to leave the suitcase at the school to hold the supplies.

Nico Vida 325

Nico Vida 330

Nico Vida 337

Nico Vida 304

A huge thank you to everyone who donated funds for water filters and those who donated school supplies. We are so grateful for your help, but the families and children who will be using these items are the ones who are eternally grateful…

Nico Vida 306

Nico Vida 305

If you would still like to donate to the water filter outreach program, please go to this link:

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustave Flaubert


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Vacationing in Nicaragua with a toddler

Nicaragua with a Toddler

Over the past few weeks we have been busy traveling abroad, treasure hunting and volunteering. We spent 6 days vacationing in Nicaragua with a toddler. She was such trooper.


We left on Christmas Day so she handed out chocolates to all the workers, flight attendants, and bus drivers we ran into.  We wanted to make sure they knew we appreciated them being there for us on Christmas. She brought a smile to everyones face that she gave candy to!




She endured an extremely early wake-up call and 2 rather short flights. We found out very quickly she no longer likes to sleep on the airplane. This made it a little trying but nothing we were not expecting.




Upon arriving in Nicaragua, our little princess immediately met a few little ones her age while we waited to clear customs. The line was long and the wait was longer; she was just as entertaining for them as they were for her.


Once we cleared customs we walked through the international arrival door looking for the little sign with our names on it. Nothing. We waited and waited. Still no one arrived. I had arranged a ride for us a week earlier. We waited nearly 2 hours at which point the little one fell asleep in the Kelty backpack. The delay was frustrating, but in the time we waited we met some expats who asked if WE were the living in Nicaragua! A great couple with 3 kids who run an ice cream shop in Matagalpa!


Since the driver didn’t show, or we all failed to see each other, we took a taxi. The address I had for the villa we were staying at seemed easy enough to find … if there were street signs and house numbers in Nicaragua. Since the roads are not marked, our very limited english speaking driver couldn’t find our rental. We stopped 3 times to ask for directions. It finally took a phone call to the property to find our way.


After a few turns we were there … we had arrived to an absolutely beautiful guest house. We were completely blown away by the tropical oasis.


Stay tuned for multiple posts about our week in Nicaragua!








5 Essentials to Traveling with Kiddos!

Essentials to traveling with Kiddos

Essentials to Traveling with Kiddos

When you have a long road trip ahead of you and you have a kiddo or 3, try these 5 Essentials to Traveling with Kiddos to make the ride a little smoother.

5 Essential tips to traveling with kiddos

Travel Organizer 

Travel Organizer from Tip Junkie! Take a canvas shoe bag and let the kiddo’s stuff it with their favorite items: small toys, books, snacks, glow sticks and a new toys is always a fun surprise, make sure to wrap it! Who doesn’t love to unwrap a new present!

Essentials to Traveling with Kiddos

Canvas Show Organizer – credit: Tip Junkie


These are the BEST items to keep little ones busy. The kiddos can practice their fine motor skills by taking the backing off and sticking them on themselves and removing them. The best part is that they stick to the surface and can be removed without the gummy residue stickers leave behind. We use these on airplane rides as well! I have BOXES of fun kid BandAids. *Do not hold me to this. (we have OLD cars … 1971 VW Bug and a 1978 FJ40 Landcruiser) we DO NOT drive expensive vehicles with full leather interior. So, please test this theory before you hand over a box of BandAids to your kids and they get stuck on your nice BMW SUV leather seats.

Essentials to Traveling with Kiddos
Band-Aids = Fine Motor Skills


Music Unlimited by Amazon is your go to! As Prime members we just added this to our account. We get 250 Downloads a month… and they do NOT disappear after a month so they are YOURS!

Essentials to Traveling with Kiddos


Fun Cheap Or Free has an AWESOME idea for a book tote! Fill a tote with your child’s favorite books, and put them within arms length so they can reach them.

Essentials to Traveling with Kiddos


When all else fails….hand over the electronics. Check out this list of awesome Apps for Traveling Toddler from Media Macaroni.

Essentials to Traveling with Kiddos
What are your favorite road trip activities for the kiddos?

Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

Bike Virginia East Bound Review


So following a few days in the Outerbanks with friends, we cruised back through the Bike Virginia tour for a long weekend of cycling.  This year’s event was titled East Bound and focused on cycling in the Chesterfield and Williamsburg areas of VA with the first few nights of camping starting at the Pocahontas State Park.  We registered for the weekend event starting on Friday and ending Sunday, however there was a full week option with a second camping area available for those individuals looking for some additional miles.

Sprinter Van – Camping

We rolled into camp around 2pm on Friday, just late enough to not get a group ride in, but with plenty of time to get signed in and find our campsite.  With the Sprinter, life is good… We popped out the awning, opened up our REI camp chairs, and unloaded our bikes so we could go checkout the festivities.


Big Dummy

HQ, as the Bike Virginia hosts call the main meeting site, was a virtual tent city packed full of cyclist claiming real-estate and finding a parking spot for their bikes.  There were a few venders on site, a beer truck and a swag tent selling all kinds of Bike Virginia jerseys at a great deal.  We snagged up a couple of silicone pint glasses for use in the Sprinter.  The dinner served on site was a catered in Lasagna meal and boy did it hit the spot.

Tent City


After dinner we biked back to the Sprinter and focused on chasing fireflies with our 2 year old.  I really enjoy how having a toddler in your life puts the excitement back into things we’ve long forgotten were fun.

Once we got our little one down for the night, Sarah and I focused on drinking some red wine, watching the fire and talking about life.  The next day we would have 65 miles of pure cycling bliss in front of us, so we hit the sack early.


Wine & Big Dummy

An early morning start was in order for Saturday based on the 65 miles of cycling ahead of us.  We don’t exactly set any land speed records on our Salsa Vaya and Surly Big Dummy (with toddler attachment), although we do average about 12-13 mph over the day.



The morning went well with cyclists everywhere!  People were excited to be starting the day and everybody was enamored with our little 2 year old who was ringing her bell over and over.  The route was an awesome rolling country atmosphere with no significant hills for the first part of the morning.


Eating an Apple


The first aid station came up around the 13 mile mark at a local horse stable.  There were plenty of snacks and liquids available for a quick replenishment.  Our little girl ran around and said hello to EVERYONE to include the horses.  This was just the beginning of her making friends on the trip.


First Stop

By the second aid station, people would cycle past us and know our daughters name!  She was constantly receiving compliments and greetings from fellow cyclists.


The day was filled with nice rolling hills all day through the Virginia countryside with minimal traffic.  At about the 50-mile point a couple of things happened…. We started getting tired and the hills started getting steeper.  None of the hills were very long, but some of them got pretty serious for short durations.


Sleeping on the Big Dummy
Second Stop on Day 1

At about mile 62 we were on the home stretch, when we noticed an ice cream shop!  As a habit, we try not to pass up on a tasty treat during a hot humid ride and today was no different.  We stopped for an ice cream and lemonade, making the last few miles to camp very easy.

Ice Cream Stop

Once we had taken advantage of the showers at our awesome campground, we decided an evening on the town in our favorite neighborhood, Carytown Virginia would make for a perfect ending to an awesome day of biking.


How NOT to lock up your bike – Carytown, RVA

Carytown has a bunch of cool restaurants and shops on the main street for hours of walking around, but because we are routinely in the area, we went direct to one of our favorites called the Burger Bach.


The Burger Bach is a “New Zealand inspired gastro pub” and serves some AWESOME burgers only to be rivaled by the beer selection.  Sarah and I both decided to do the noble thing and each had a burger and a beer to cap off the day.

Burger Bach

A short 25 mile day was on the agenda for Sunday.  There were longer options, but after our 65 miles the day before and a need to get home, we decided a short day was the best option.

Beautiful Country

Many of our acquaintances from the day before cycled by and said hello to us and mentioned how awesome if was we were introducing our daughter to cycling so early.  The ride was pretty easy compared to Saturday ending with just a few sprinkles of rain as we entered the campground.

Sunday’s Rest Stop #1


The Bike Virginia event was a fun tour, with tons of awesome people.  There were bikes of all types, from crazy fast folks on tri-bikes to recumbents, tandems and even a family on a Surly Big Dummy with a toddler seat (Adventure Family in Motion).  We had the opportunity to speak with a TON of people about our family cycling history and how we came to utilize the Big Dummy with a Yepp seat installed.  I hope we inspired at least one other cyclist to consider bringing their family on the next ride vs leaving them at home!

Did you get to enjoy Bike Virginia this year? Share your stories or a link to your writ sup with us! We would love to hear about it!


Don’t forget to check out our MUST HAVE kids cycling gear!


Fuso 4×4 Custom Camper

Fuso 4x4 Custom Camper

Where do I begin… ugh…we have been MIA for a LONG time due to the fact that we got a NEW toy. We have been doing nothing but exploring the western side of the United States. Without further ado we are proud to introduce to you…(wait for it)…..Sally Ross! She is a Fuso 4×4 Custom Camper.

Check out this video of the first few adventures we had with her.

She is a fully self contained, solar powered, 4×4 epic adventure mobile! Best of all has a full kitchen and bathroom, 2 beds and ample amounts of storage.
 Fuso 4x4 Custom Camper
Naturally we let our 4 year old name her and Sally Ross was the winner!
We have spent more time in Sally Ross then we had in the Urban Assault Van. Traveling from Colorado to Texas to Idaho and all the states in between!
 Estes Park 170
We picked this beauty up at Phoenix Pop-Up Custom Campers here in Colorado.
As a result of this amazing new toy in our life, we have made a few moves in downsizing our life. We have moved into a smaller home, downsized a few bikes, and purged many unused/unneeded items. Furthermore giving us the ability to spend our weekends with Sally Ross and our week days at home.
 Fuso 4x4 Custom Camper
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Fat Tire Bike

Salsa Fat Bike

I purchased a Salsa Mukluk this summer after a ton of deliberation on what fat tire bike I wanted and what I wanted to accomplish on it. Denver has received a ton of snow this winter, providing an awesome opportunity to finally get the bike in the snow.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect from a fat bike in the snow and have picked up a few tips that might be useful to a few of you out there who are new to the game.

Fat Bike selfie

Some things to ponder as a new guy to riding in the snow:

1. It’s hard, but incredibly fun:  I made the unrealistic assumption that because my bike tires were now 3.7 inches wide, that I would just float over all the snow, no matter how deep or fluffy it was.  This assumption is INCORRECT.  While the tires do perform better than normal mountain bikes tires, it’s still very difficult to ride in deep ungroomed snow.  The speed at which you travel tends to be slower, making balancing more difficult and the inevitable fall all the more frustrating.

Fat Tire Bike Salsa Fat Tire Bike

2. Warm, waterproof boots are essential:  I’m currently using flat pedals on my fatbike during the winter vs clipless pedals.  I do this for multiple reasons, two of them being the ability to keep my feet warmer in real boots instead of bike shoes with booties over them and the speed I can get off the bike when the slow fall happens because of deep snow.  The extra time it would take to unclip while riding in the snow is not worth the risk of ending up face down in the snow.

Flat Pedals

Flat Pedals

3. Fenders on the bike will drastically reduce the amount of cold water, mud and snow that get sprayed up your backside:  I’m normally not a fender kind of guy on my bikes, but with a fatbike and winter riding this is a mandatory upgrade!  A fender on the back, and preferably on the downtube or front tire will mitigate SOME of the mud, grime and water that ends up in your teeth because you are smiling so much.  There is no reason to stop smiling, just add fenders.

Fat Bike Fender


Salsa Fat Tire Bike

4.  Bar Mitts are wonderful:  I purchased a pair of Bar Mitts and can’t imagine living without them!  The warmth they provide is very welcome on days that are super cold.  I wear a light pair of gloves in them and can stay warm on the coldest of rides.  The Bar Mitts keep the wind and cold out and the heat in, perfect for a nice ride in the snow.

MukLuk Fat tire bike

I’m REALLY enjoying my fatbike this winter.  It’s provided me a new avenue to cycle in the cold and a great excuse to get outside and enjoy the beautiful mountains.  Fatbikes are no longer just for the summer!

Do you have a fat bike yet? Which one are you considering? Let us know if you have questions on which one would be best for you!

Estes Park Winter Festival 2016

Time for the maiden voyage of our new Phoenix Pop Up Campers Fuso Camper (PHX-FG) to Estes Park, Colorado!

When we first realized that this new adventure rig was a real possibility for us, the trips and locations to travel became endless.  The real difficulty with having such a great platform to hit the road in now became choosing WHERE to go and try out the new rig.

Estes Park 164

After some brief research, we learned that the town of Estes Park, Colorado was hosting a Winter Festival with snowshoeing, craft beer and a chili cook-off.  What’s even better is that Estes Park is gate-way into Rocky Mountain National Park, leaving endless possibilities for outdoor activities.

Estes Park 172

For day one we loaded up the snowshoes and headed to the demo days in Rocky Mountain National Park.  This snowshoe demo session was setup perfectly to allow for a little snow hiking before we rolled into town for the beer tasting and chili feast.  Our toddler is getting pretty sure footed in her Tubbs snowshoes.

Estes Park 176 Estes Park 174

The Fuso Camper proved to be an AWESOME place to hide out from the blowing wind and frigid temps, both before and after our hike.  It was pretty awesome to sit inside the camper and have a nice warm cup of coffee after a family hike in the snow.

Estes Park 166

Honestly, this trip was more about the beer and testing out the new adventure platform. Given the extreme cold and windy conditions, it didn’t take much persuading to get the crew to pack up shop and head for Estes Park.  Once we got inside the Winter Festival, we realized just how awesome this event was going to be.  The smell of chili cooking, the site of folks walking around with tasters of beer and the separate kids area with extensive crafts and games, made this festival the perfect place for us.

2016-01-16 15.21.33 2016-01-16 14.56.23 2016-01-16 16.04.30 2016-01-16 15.37.22 2016-01-16 14.22.24

The Winter Festival had some great beer and even better chili.  We bounced back and forth between the two for quite a while before our three year old decided it was her turn to have some fun.  The organizers of the Winter Festival did a great job making a family friendly environment and had an entire kids area with bouncy castles, crafts, faceprinting, smores, and a train for the kids entertainment.  It was really well put together family friendly festival.

2016-01-16 13.51.22

After the festival, we decided we didn’t really need to go far to camp of the night and chose to park the PHX-FG at the Estes Park fair grounds with the other vendors from the festival.  When attempting to “stealth” camp in a Mitsubishi Fuso you must attempt to blend in with the locals.  So we parked the camper next to a few older trailers and battened down the hatches for a windy night.  While it was an incredibly windy, the camper kept us nice and warm all night.

One of our favorite parts about this new camper is the ability to cook a legitimate meal and take our time getting ready.  So for our first morning in the camper, we had some great coffee and whipped up some eggs and bacon.  It really does make a trip nice when there is no real rush to be anywhere.

Estes Park 199

2016-01-17 07.52.42 2016-01-17 16.18.10Estes Park 202For the rest of the day, we headed up into the Rocky Mountain National Park for some additional family hikes and photography.  We spent a snowy day driving around the park and taking in the amazing scenery.  At one point we came upon a gigantic bull elk laying down off the side of the road.  We stopped for some amazing photos and enjoyed a nice quite moment watching him lay in the snow.

Estes Park 200

Estes Park 186 Estes Park 187

After a long day of hiking and driving around the park, we decided to stay another night at the Moraine campground.  For dinner we enjoyed making another delicious meal in the kitchen of the Fuso, while reading and listening to music.  The space the new camper provides us and the amenities within such a compact platform are amazing.

Estes Park 170

What a great first weekend, in what we are confident is going to be an awesome new adventure platform.  If you’ve not attended one of the Estes Park Winter Festivals, I would put it on your list of things to do next winter.  The event was well orchestrated and the access to Rocky Mountain National Park provides an enormous amount of great adventures to be had.

Look Mom No Training Wheels – Isla Bikes


We are a cycling family!

When my wife and I first found out we were having a baby, my mind immediately starting running through ideas of how we were going to keep riding our bikes. Three years later and my little girl is now riding her own bike! That’s right, at three years old; she is riding a pedal bike without training wheels.

Kids Bikes

Isla Bikes

Kids Bikes

So to say that we take our cycling gear seriously is a drastic understatement. Our bikes are prize possessions that take us on all kinds of varying adventures. When our daughter was just able to walk, we presented her with a push/balance bike. Our little dare devil spent about two years off and on with the push bike, and within the last six months REALLY started enjoying it. She started rolling around on local pump tracks with it and taking it to the park on every trip that she could. To us, it was obvious that her balance was more than sufficient to step up to a pedal bike, but what brand?

girls Bikes

girls bikes

As I stated earlier, we are SERIOUS about our bikes. So when I started shopping for my daughter’s first bike, I spent a ton of hours both at local bike stores and online reviewing what makes a good kids bike.

What I found out after hours of reading was that the fit of the bike is just as important to our little riders as it is to us.

So getting a bike that has the proper balanced geometry is critical. What this means is that the bike isn’t just shrunk, it’s appropriately sized to allow our kids the ability to balance and properly pedal. I had all but made my final decision to purchase an Isla CNOC 14 when a buddy of mine who works at a bike store called me randomly and started raving about how well built these Isla bikes were. That was all it took for us. We contacted Isla and ordered up a bike for Christmas delivery.

toddler bikes

The ordering process was very simple. We went over a few questions regarding our daughter’s height and inseam to make sure the sizing would work and we were off and running. We added the fenders to the order because #1 they look awesome and #2 they are nice for keeping the water down during snow melt here in the Denver area.

toddler bikes

The fenders lead me into my first compliment for this bike. How many kids bikes do you know that are well designed enough to actually have quality fenders as an option? These fenders are both functional and stylish. They immediately make you realize how well thought out this bike is. The fenders are firmly attached and hug the tires just enough to stay out of the way during the inevitable crash.

kids bikes

Another feature that we’ve been impressed with is the braking system. The Isla CNOC 14 has both a rear coaster brake and a hand front brake. Initially I thought it would be a while before our daughter figured out how to use the handbrake, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Within a couple of rides around a parking lot she had figured out how useful the front brake was for slowing down and getting her feet on the ground before stopping. The brakes are smooth and function very well. I anticipate that maintaining them will be a breeze.

Toddler bikes
Happy Dance!

The folks at Isla have been making bikes long enough now to have come up with some really creative safety features for first time riders. One of these features we liked was the enclosed chain guard.   The free-floating chain guard keeps our little girl from finding a way to get her clothes, hands, hair, socks or any other items that don’t belong wedged into the chain. For a parent, this is incredibly comforting and helps you focus on teaching your child to ride the bike vs not damaging themselves.

girls bikes

Finally I would say that the adjustability of the bike is very well thought out.

The seat can be lowered significantly and the handlebars can be moved around to accommodate all different sizes of munchkins. It’s nice to know that this bike will be able to grow with her for a little while.

toddler bikes

Our experience with Isla bikes has been superior to all expectations. They are producing well-built kids bikes that have quality components and are built with tough falls and learning in mind. Our little girl is riding a pedal bike at three years old! She is totally enjoying the experience and we are excited to have found her a bike of this caliber to learn on. Thanks Isla bikes for making an amazing bike for our little cyclist.

girls bikes