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Welcome to our community of like-minded adventure families where we believe showing our child the world through outdoor activities and experiencing exciting new things is an essential step in our personal journey through life.

We met in 2007 while overseas. We explored 3 countries in that year together before we even set foot back in the United States. Half a year after returning to the US we traveled abroad again to Peru. This time hiking the Lares trail for 10 days. A month after returning from Peru we were married at a cabin in the country on a foggy morning with our two dogs. Six months after our quiet little wedding, we celebrated with a large wedding surrounded by our friends and family. Following the big “second” day, we flew to New Zealand and biked the south island on a tandem bike; self supported the whole way. Nothing like jumping on a two person bike only days after your wedding.

In the past few years we have grown more in love with each other and with the adventure of travel. We have since welcomed a little girl into our lives. We truly believe that a child only knows what you teach them. We have been camping with our little lady since she was 4 weeks old. You can tell that she has grown up around active parents when one of her first words was “go-go-go!!”

We hope to share our love of family and adventure with other like-minded families. Enjoy the blog and join the forum to share your stories with us! We’d love to hear about your adventures!



  1. joe petrilli

    You guys are awesome. I just bought a Big Dummy and I am looking for help with making it a great bike for kids. Do you have any advice or anything you would do different if you did it all over again? I noticed the Dogfish and New Belgium stickers on your van, thats rad! I work at Big Sky Brewing. If you ride your bike through Montana I will trade you beer for kid bike info.


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      Adventure Family In Motion

      Hey Joe!

      We LOVE our dummy! What are the ages of your kids? Depending on size and number of kids you want to hold on it… 1 kid can sit on the yepp seat. but 2 kids you could go with a pad and a “hooptie kid carrier”. Its the metal ‘ring’ that goes around the platform. Probably not great for long distances, but around town would be great!
      We’re moving to CO in the summer, closer to Montana! Let us know if your in the area and we will grab a beer and some biking!


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