5 Essentials to Traveling with Kiddos!

Essentials to traveling with Kiddos

Essentials to Traveling with Kiddos

When you have a long road trip ahead of you and you have a kiddo or 3, try these 5 Essentials to Traveling with Kiddos to make the ride a little smoother.

5 Essential tips to traveling with kiddos

Travel Organizer 

Travel Organizer from Tip Junkie! Take a canvas shoe bag and let the kiddo’s stuff it with their favorite items: small toys, books, snacks, glow sticks and a new toys is always a fun surprise, make sure to wrap it! Who doesn’t love to unwrap a new present!

Essentials to Traveling with Kiddos

Canvas Show Organizer – credit: Tip Junkie


These are the BEST items to keep little ones busy. The kiddos can practice their fine motor skills by taking the backing off and sticking them on themselves and removing them. The best part is that they stick to the surface and can be removed without the gummy residue stickers leave behind. We use these on airplane rides as well! I have BOXES of fun kid BandAids. *Do not hold me to this. (we have OLD cars … 1971 VW Bug and a 1978 FJ40 Landcruiser) we DO NOT drive expensive vehicles with full leather interior. So, please test this theory before you hand over a box of BandAids to your kids and they get stuck on your nice BMW SUV leather seats.

Essentials to Traveling with Kiddos
Band-Aids = Fine Motor Skills


Music Unlimited by Amazon is your go to! As Prime members we just added this to our account. We get 250 Downloads a month… and they do NOT disappear after a month so they are YOURS!

Essentials to Traveling with Kiddos


Fun Cheap Or Free has an AWESOME idea for a book tote! Fill a tote with your child’s favorite books, and put them within arms length so they can reach them.

Essentials to Traveling with Kiddos


When all else fails….hand over the electronics. Check out this list of awesome Apps for Traveling Toddler from Media Macaroni.

Essentials to Traveling with Kiddos
What are your favorite road trip activities for the kiddos?

Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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  1. I love that idea! I was trying to think of a way to do it as they got older and my children multiplied in size! Thanks

    1. Thanks! Let us know how it goes! We are excited to hear!

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